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Treating Cancer With Cannabis Oil


Before you get started on your journey of treating  cancer with cannabis oil, I highly recommend you watch 'Run From the Cure' by Risk Simpson or you can get more information and his book from his website Phoenix Tears (see links to both below)

How do I know it’s the right type of oil?

  • You need to make sure the oil contains THC (this is the active ingredient for treating cancer). Some places sell CBD oil (this isn’t the same thing). See definitions on this website here.

  • It is very important that the oil is made from organic plants, otherwise you are pumping all sorts of growth chemicals into a body you are trying to heal. Often, chemicals are sprayed on plants used for recreational purposes to make the plants grow quicker and bigger. More plants = bigger profits for those involved.

  • Beware of scams; make sure you validate the source of the oil you are using, as there are some awful people out there who want to make money out of people in a desperate situation.

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What the dosage I should use?

  • The oil it is extremely potent so you have to build up the bodies tolerance to the effects of it over time, a 30 day period is recommended to get to the ideal dosage of 1mg per day. You can find advice online about building up the dosage, click here for an example.

  • Once you start taking the oil regularly your body will build up a dependency on it, if you suddenly stop taking it you will experience the withdrawal symptoms so if you decide to stop you need to slowly reduce the amount you are taking over a period of time. If you end up in hospital due to your condition and don’t feel you can take it in hospital try speaking to a Nurse or your Consultant to explain you are using the oil and the impact of you not having it. From my experience they can administer this to you as long as they have a prescription from the Hospital Pharmacy, you just need to let them know how many you need and how often. We had this arranged through our hospital several times as the withdrawal symptoms can make you feel very unwell and ultimately the medical team responsible for the patient should want to avoid this in any way they can.

How to take it and what's the dosage?

  • You can take the oil as tablets orally, but there are many more benefits to taking it as a suppository, including:

  • It will be absorbed straight into the bloodstream, meaning you absorb more of the active ingredients (this is the case with all medicines taken this way, see explanation here)

  • It won’t be subjected to processing through the stomach acids and digestive system, where some of the goodness from the oil could be damaged

  • When you take it orally, it also gets processed through the liver, which can increase the ‘high’ effects that you experience. With a suppository these effects are dramatically reduced

  • Take as much as possible at nighttime as you can sleep through the effects; it can help you sleep, and it is likely you will also wake up with a good appetite for breakfast

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​How to make suppositories / tablets

You can use the same method to make both; you can just make the capsules you use as suppositories stronger from earlier on in your treatment than you can if you take them orally (for the reasons given above). I was reliably informed that melting the cannabis oil with coconut oil can enable the body to absorb it more easily as it breaks it down into a less tar-like substance


  • Veggie capsules (these usually dissolve easier than the gelatin ones), and a holder for the same size as the capsules. Here is an example of both items - Capsule holder & Capsules

  • Make sure the capsule size and machine are the same. They are usually 00 (holds approx. 735 mg) or 0 (holds approx. 500 mg).

  • Organic coconut oil

  • 1 ml (1000 mg) syringes (like the ones used to measure oral medication)

  • A heatproof jug


  • Make sure the equipment you are using is clean and sterile

  • First, you need to decide the dose you want to have in each capsule and calculate the amount of oil and coconut oil you can fit in the capsule. As an example of this let's work the calculations out for the size 0 capsule (500 mg) and you are making 10 capsules with an oil dose of 300 mg + 200 mg of coconut oil

  • Melt some coconut oil in a bain-marie (do this by putting a heatproof jug in a saucepan with a little boiling water in the bottom and put this on the hob)

  • Measure out the coconut oil using the 1 ml syringe and place to one side. For this size of capsule and dosage, if you are making ten capsules you want 1 ml of coconut oil (200 mg per capsule)

  • Next, add the amount of CBD oil you need to the heatproof jug in the saucepan of water, in this case it would be a total of 3 ml (10 x 300 mg). Add the 1 ml of melted coconut oil into the jug with the cannabis oil. The CBD oil is a thick tar-like substance. If it's difficult to get the CBD oil out of the syringe, just dip the syringe briefly in some very hot water (not boiling) to melt the oil a little.

  • Keep the bain-marie boiling for a few minutes until you see that the cannabis oil has melted and mixed in with the coconut oil

  • While you are melting them together, open ten capsules and put the bigger half in the capsule holder

  • Put the tip of a 1 ml syringe into the CBS / Coconut oil mix and draw 500 mg of the oil mixture into the syringe and dispense it into one of the capsules. In this case, you could fill the syringe and split it between 2 capsules to save time

  • Place the lid on each of the capsules. I did this by hand, but you can use the top half of the capsule machine to do this

  • Keep the tablets in a clean sterile container in the fridge if possible, a tupperware or zip lock bag is fine


Taking the medicine​

If you are taking the tablets orally, just swallow the required dosage as you would any other tablets you have taken. I would recommend having some food with them. To take the medicine as a suppository, here's my advice from my experience: 


  • Always wear a sterile latex glove on the hand you are using to insert the suppository

  • Put some lubricant like KY jelly on the tablet and the fingers of the glove

  • You can insert it yourself or have someone else do it for you if you aren't able to. Click here for steps on inserting the suppository, there are also plenty of YouTube videos that also talk you through how to do this

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Further Reading

Here is a list of further resources that may help you on your journey using the oil:

Below are 2 books that were written by friends of friends:

My Way by Dee Mani - A book following the cancer brick road of Dee, from diagnosis to all clear naturally using Cannabis Oil, in 5 months. Click here

The Boy in 7 Billion by Callie Blackwell - A book following the journey of a Mother determined to save her son from a terminal diagnosis and succeeded using Cannabis Oil. Click Here

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